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Investing in precious metals by buying physical gold, silver or platinum has never been more popular. Widespread uncertainty in the global economic situation has led many to conclude that they should invest part of their savings in these assets which have stood the test of time.

On BullionSupermarket.com, you can compare prices and premiums on a huge range of bullion items for sale from hundreds of sources, together with a wealth of information about different types of coins and bars, and live prices and charts tools to help you keep track of the market. We constantly compare the best offers from three different ways to purchase physical precious metals; from dealers, Vault held providers and Auction sites.

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Compare Physical Gold coin and Gold bar prices and premiums from Bullion dealers, Vaulted Gold custodians, and Auctions.

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Vaulted & Allocated Gold

Compare Physical Silver coin and Silver bar prices and premiums from Bullion dealers, Vaulted Silver custodians, and Auctions.

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Compare Physical Platinum coin and Platinum bar prices and premiums from Platinum Bullion dealers and Auctions.

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BullionSupermarket.com is unique in that we compare the price of all the items we carry to the global spot price of gold, silver and platinum in real time. This means that you can easily see how much of your money is going into buying the precious metal itself and how much is going into the physical premium you have to pay for the coin or bar.

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Details of major bullion coins, information about the coins, the technical specifications and history.

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Gold Market Comment

The Gold Market Comment is brought to you by the BullionSupermarket.com in house editorial team providing expert Gold market insight research & commentary.

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 GOLD Panda
 217 lots at average of USD 2,157.53 / oz
 74.35% premium
 GOLD Philharmonikers
 74 lots at average of USD 1,036.66 / oz
 -16.23% premium
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