04 August 2010

BullionSupermarket.com adds GoldSilver.com Gold and Silver to price comparisons

GoldSilver.com Gold and Silver added to price comparison

BullionSupermarket.com added GoldSilver.com Gold and Silver coins and bars to it's precious metal price comparison system on Wednesday.

BullionSupermarket.com plans further of expansion of the service during 2010 through the launch of an Pay-Per-Click stock listings to bullion dealers and an affiliate program to allow relevant referring websites to earn a share of revenues derived from traffic sent to the site.

PPC listings are to be priced on metal and weight being listed, making it a much more efficient means for bullion dealers to market precious metal online than, traditional Pay per click pricing models offered by traditional search engines and advertising networks.

For further information please email support@bullionsupermarket.com.