28 October 2011

BullionSupermarket.com Extends Gold, Silver and Platinum Price Comparison to Germany

Precious metal price comparison site offers their first Euro price comparison service in Germany

BullionSupermarket.com, the precious metal price comparison service has extended the territories offered on their site into Germany. This now offers German buyers of Gold, Silver and Platinum coins and bars access to Euro denominated precious metal price comparison.

BullionSupermarket.com founder Jon Hunt, said on Thursday in London, "The extension of the service into our first European territory marks an exciting new chapter for our business, and we'll be pushing out further into Europe throughout late 2011 and early 2012."

With further extensions into European territories planned along with additional price comparison tools to show trends supply and demand factors in the physical coin market, 2012 promises to be an innovative year at BullionSupermarket.com

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