Bullion Merchant Services

Integrate your Precious Metal Stock into our system.

BullionSupermarket.com offers Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion merchants the opportunity to list their stock within the BullionSupermarket.com price comparison engine.

BullionSupermarket.com currently offers listings within its price comparison system for physical and vaulted gold, silver and platinum in: The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & Germany. There are currently a wide range of categories within each territory for vendors to list their precious metal in.

There are three ways to promote precious metal through BullionSupermarket:

1. Standard Listings
Under standard listings, vendors metal can be inserted into the price comparison engine.

2. Featured Listings
Under featured listings, a vendors listing matching the users search criteria is shown at the top of the price comparison results as a featured item, regardless of how the user has ordered the price comparison results.

3. Banners
BullionSupermarket.com offers banner advertising that appears on the price comparison results page. Banner artwork is supplied by the advertiser/vendor.

To discuss a precious metal listings integration with BullionSupermarket.com or other advertising enquiry, please email support@bullionsupermarket.com.