Compare Gold, Silver & Platinum prices and premiums to find best value bullion...

Gold Silver Platinum
CAD / ozPriceChg% ChgLDN
GoldC$ 1,631.79#Err#Err23:57
SilverC$ 21.79#Err#Err23:57
PlatinumC$ 1,190.58#Err#Err23:57

How Bullion Supermarket Works

We're constantly comparing Gold, Silver & Platinum premiums to find the best value bullion.


We gather phyiscal gold, silver and platinum prices and premiums, comparing thousands of bullion coins and bullion bars. Take a look at some of our popular searches:  | 

Why Premiums Matter

Buying at low Premiums gives users the best value.

The selling price of a bullion coin or bar will almost never quite match the market price of its precious metal. They will always sell at a premium depending on weight, coin face value, bar brand. Market sentiment and supply and demand can also cause premiums to fluctuate. It can make it difficult to evaluate what offers the best value when buying. makes it easy to find the good value items. By calculating the percentage premium over the market price of the metal, you can compare Gold, Silver & Platinum on a level playing field.

Gold Bullion

Gold Bars & Gold Bullion coins

Find and compare prices and premiums on Gold Bars, Krugerrands, American Gold Eagles, Sovereigns, Gold Britannias, Gold Philharmonics, Gold Maples and more...

Silver Bullion

Silver Bars & Silver Bullion coins

Find and compare prices and premiums on Silver Bars from a range of refiners, American Silver Eagles, Silver Britannias, Silver Maples, Silver Philharmonics and more...

Platinum Bullion

Platinum Bars & Bullion coins

Find and compare prices and premiums on Platinum Bars, American Platinum Eagles, Canadian Platinum Maples, Australian Platinum Koalas and more...

Precious Metals News

Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion Market News brings you the latest in precious metals news, commentary and opinion from in-house and from around the web.

Our History

How did come about? started life in 2007 as a hobby tool to help bullion coin collectors find the best deals on internet auctions. Over the years since then, we've refined our system to become a specialist Gold, Silver & Platinum price comparison engine. March 2016 saw a major redevelopment of our technlogy, and we'll be working hard to improve our service and to add more vendors.

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What we do

We compare prices and premiums from:

  • Precious Metal Auctions
  • Vault held providers
  • Bullion Dealers
  • in Multiple Territories
  • Premiums calculated against live prices

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