Frequently Asked Questions

What is and how does it work?

BullionSupermarket is a Free service that compares the prices of Precious metal Bullion products across precious metal dealers sites against the current precious metal price, to show users the best value items. Items are classified into Territory (Country of sale), Precious Metal (Gold, Silver or Platinum), Product (Coin or Bar type) and the weight of the metal. Having compared prices, users can then simply click through to the item to bid or buy.

Why does Bullion Sell for More than the Price of the metal in the Metals Exchanges?

Bullion typically sells for a margin over the metal price. Premiums fluctuate, but typically the smaller the coin or bar, the larger the premium. For example a lot of 10 x 1/10th Ounce Krugerrands will almost always sell for more than a single 1 Ounce Krugerrand even though the amount of gold is the same.

Is really FREE to use?

Yes. BullionSupermarket is completely free to use.

What coins and bars does track? tracks most major Bullion products (Modern Bullion Coins and Bars). Automatic proprietry processes classify the metal and weight of the Items, the service is also moderated thoughout the day by human operators, to remove unsuitable items and correct any incorrectly classified items. The system automatically calculates the premium each item is priced at based on the current metal price and the item weight.

I have Bullion items for sale on eBay, but they are not showing on BullionSupermarket. Why is this?

In order to maintain the quality of information on The site automatically filters items based on words used in the item title. If BullionSupermarket is unable to determine the weight of the item it may also exclude it. The item sale time may not be finishing soon enough to be included, it may have been excluded by our moderators, or may not be in a category of items we cover. We will also exclude items trading at too high a premium, we may also exclude items if there are multiple items causing a log jam in a particular category to the detriment of other listings. If you have an item, or items that are not showing and you feel should be included, contact support

I am a Precious Metals dealer, how can my stock be shown on

We are always glad to add new precious metals vendors to the site. Please see Merchant Services for details and how get in touch.

What is a Bullion Coin?

A bullion coin is a coin minted from a precious metal, usually gold, silver or platinum, though sometimes palladium or other "minor" metals. A bullion coin provides a way in which people can easily hold precious metal in a unit of internationally recognised purity and quantity.

What is Bullion Purity?

Bullion purity is expressed in a number of ways. Pure gold is often referred to as 24 carat meaning 24 parts out of 24 parts is pure gold. Alloyed gold is referred to as a lower carat gold. For example gold referred to as 22 carat is 22 parts gold, 2 parts other metal. Pure gold can also be referred to as "Fine gold" or ".9999" gold. Likewise, "Fine Silver" and ".9999" Silver refers to silver of the highest purity.

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