Gold Britannia Specification

The Gold Britannia is the official gold bullion coin of Great Britain. First produced in 1987 by the Royal Mint, the Britannia is produced in 22 carat gold, and is currently minted in 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz Weights. They have legal tender status and are backed by the Royal Mint for weight and content. The Gold Britannia coin was originally alloyed with Copper but from 1990 it was alloyed with Silver. This resulted in a colour difference in Gold Britannias since 1990, when they have been a lighter yellow gold colour. Earlier Gold Britannias have a deep gold colour.

Since its introduction there have been 7 designs used for the reverse of the coins. In 1987, the design on the reverse of the coin was of a standing figure of Britannia (commonly known as “the classic design”). The first new design was introduced in 1997 and then new designs have been introduced in alternate years since 2001, alternating new and classic Britannia designs. These have included various depictions of the goddess Britannia, including the seated Britannia, Britannia in helmet, the Britannia driving a chariot (a special 10th anniversary design) and the standing Britannia. The most recent Standing Britannia used on the gold coins was designed by sculptor Philip Nathan. For the 2011 Britannia family there is a new patriotic design of Britannia, seated amongst the folds of the Union Jack Flag, which was created by the artist and sculptor David Mach RA.

In 1997, to mark the tenth anniversary of the gold Britannia coins, a special design showing Britannia driving a chariot in the manner of Boudica was used (again designed by Philip Nathan). 1997 is the only year issued using this design, which makes it a desirable coin for collectors of Britannia coins.

The Gold Britannia has an equivalent sister bullion coin in Silver, the Silver Britannia.

Gold Britannia Technical Specifications

Size Face
(T oz)

Full£10034.059 g0.91671.0031.10432.69

At time of writing Gold Britannias, as well as the british Gold Sovereign, are free from UK Capital Gains Tax. This special status can restrict availability of this bullion coin, and keep premiums elevated.

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