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The Chinese Gold Panda coin is the official gold bullion coin of the Peoples Republic of China and is produced by the Chinese Mint. The coin was issued in honor of the Panda Bear, an iconic symbol of China and was launched in 1982. It is minted in a proof-like uncirculated finish in 99.9% pure (24 carat) Gold. The Gold Panda coin is legal tender in China with a variety of weights available and corresponding face values. In 2001 the face values of Gold Panda coins were raised and these are shown in the reference table below.

Initially four sizes were produced – 1/10 oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz and 1oz. In 1983 the Chinese Mint added the 1/20 oz size and in some years larger size coins such as 5oz (1987-1988) and 12oz (1984, 1986-1990) were produced. The fractional sizes tend not to be as popular as the 1oz coin with collectors.

Gold Panda Technical Specifications

Size Face
1987 to 2000
2001 onwards
(T oz)


FullY100Y50031.1 g.9991.0031.10432.052.7
HalfY50Y20015.5 g.9990.5015.552271.85
QuarterY25Y1007.8 g.9990.257.77621.951.53
TenthY10Y503.1 g.9990.103.11017.951.05
TwentiethY5Y251.5 g.9990.051.55513.920.83

The obverse design for the Gold Panda coin features an image of the famous Temple of Heaven (Tien Tien), which is located in Beijing. The inscription in Chinese characters “Zhongua Renmin Gongheguo – Peoples Republic of China” is above the temple image and the date of issue below it. This design does not change.

Unlike the design for the reverse of the Gold Panda coin which changes annually, featuring a different image of the Panda Bear. The only year the Chinese Mint did not change the image was between 2001 and 2002, when they had made a decision to stop the annual design change. This decision was reversed in 2003 following pressure from collectors. The reverse also features the size, gold purity and face value.