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20 February 2009 Reports Continuing Strong Demand for Gold and Silver Reports Continuing Strong demand for Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion Products

Very strong demand for Gold and Silver Bullion coins and bars are being reported by .

The free website that tracks and compares prices on thousands of Gold, Silver & Platinum coins & Bars for sale in online auctions, is reporting record demand for small bars and coins.

Jon Hunt, founder of was quoted as saying:

"The demand for Gold and Silver coins and bars since December has been unprecedented. We are seeing very strong premiums, which makes it even more important for to provide a transparent easy to use price comparison service to its users."

Hunt attributes this increasing demand to new interest in precious metals from the general population, who haven't previously considered Gold or Silver as an investment option for them. Panicked by turmoil in the Banking sector, collapsing House prices and Share values, these newcomers to precious metals are looking for a Safe Haven.

"With the constant media coverage about bank bailouts and general economic gloom, people really are worried. There is huge distrust of traditional Financial Services & Products right now, which have seen a massive collapse in values. With even banks no longer looking as safe as they once were, people want to put their money into an asset they can actually put their hands on. Gold and Silver coins and Bars can provide this, because holding physical Bullion does not expose the holder to counter-party risk."

This evidence of new interest in Precious metals has lead some to speculate that Gold and Silver are starting a new phase of increasing investment by the general populous which will provide the impetus to drive prices ever higher.

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