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19 March 2010

2% Decline in Silver and Gold Prices attracts heavy interest, showing investors are still buying the dips.

Gold and Silver interest surges as prices drop, showing investors are buying the dips

Traffic at surged dramatically on Friday as Gold and Silver prices fell in the market and physical buyers came to the comparison site looking to buy the dip in precious metals.

With comparison page traffic already exceeding the weekly average by 22% at 6pm London time, attention was split 57% Gold, 40% Silver, with platinum largely ignored with just 3% of traffic.

With the weekend looming, when most auctioned items finish, and the price dip possibly discouraging more casual buyers, opportunity may be calling for the more seasoned buyer to buy in at price levels not seen for some weeks.

UK Buyers continued to stay away on Friday, possibly discouraged by a further drop in sterling, making Gold and Silver more expensive to buy into.

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