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10 July 2010 Upgrades Precious Metal Price Comparison Systems

Upgrades to systems provide better quality Gold, Silver and Platinum price comparison this weekend completed the planned upgrade of its price comparison systems. The purpose of the upgrade was to provide users of price comparison data with better quality price comparison results, through both improved automated mechanisms and improved manually moderated results.

In the market, Fridays rally in Gold to regain the $1,200 per troy ounce mark, boosted price comparisons in Gold and Silver on Friday. At time of writing Saturday was also promising to show similar strong activity.

1 ounce Gold Ingot Fixed price premiums eased below 20% Saturday on the back of Fridays gold price rally. In other news, the UK physical Silver market as reported on by BullionSupermarket on 15 Jun 2010, appeared to be returning to normal this week with increasing supply, though a huge premium differential of up to 90% between Fixed price and Auction lots was in evidence .

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