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12 August 2010

Gold and Silver doldrums leave coin and bar premiums depressed.

Lack of buying in physical Gold and Silver leaves Gold and Silver coin and bar premiums looking attractive.

The traditional summer precious metal doldrums, showed little sign of picking up yesterday as gold remained around the $1200 mark.

One promising sign for the yellow metal was in evidence yesterday when the 2.49% decline in the Dow failed to generate a sell off in gold, as has happened previously.

Price comparison traffic remained strong at, users were not converting this interest into buying. This trend seems to be reinforced across the market as backed up by low premiums across all three precious metals.

With fixed price 1 ounce Silver bars trading well below the average premium for fixed price items at 85%, auction items also appeared depressed.

Fixed price 1 ounce Gold bars were also trading below the average premium for fixed price lots at 16.6%.

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