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13 August 2010

Gold and Silver Bullion price holds on to gains mid morning as modest declines in equities continue.

Traffic surges at as Gold holds on to gains in face of equity losses.

Both Gold and Silver Bullion prices were holding on to gains made yesterday by mid morning Friday, as modest declines in European equities continued.

This action appeared to spur buyers as, BullionSupermarket traffic surged yesterday, and today, as small precious metals buyers returned to the market having been largely absent for the last 5 weeks. With site visits, click-throughs, and purchases all showing increases, buyers appeared to be benefiting from lagging Gold and Silver premiums, left behind by rising Bullion prices.

With fixed price 1 troy oz Silver bars still trading well below the average Silver premium for fixed price items at 86.18%, auction item premiums remained depressed.

Additionally Fixed price 1 troy oz Gold bar premiums had fallen marginally, on the back of increased Gold prices, changing hands at an average of 16.19%.

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