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09 October 2010

Gold and Silver Bullion Premiums Rise on Increasing Demand

Strong demand for physical Gold and Silver metal pushes up premiums

We reported last week in " Buyer Caution Seems to Evaporate as Gold and Silver Bullion Keep Surging", the abandonment of caution by Users evidenced by the sharp rise in conversion rates among our users.

Signs are starting to emerge that the strong demand present in all precious metal markets has begun to drive premiums higher in secondary markets, possibly signaling shortages.

At time of writing Fixed price Silver Premiums are sharply higher with fixed price 1 troy oz Silver bars on offer at 61.2% over fridays fix, as silver premiums continue to move higher together with higher bullion prices.

Additionally, 1 troy oz Gold bar premiums were some 1% higher, at an average of 14.3%.

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