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06 December 2010

Precious metal prices firm as marks 2nd anniversary

Gold, Silver and Platinum Price Comparison Service is 2 years old, the Precious metal price comparison service, today, marks its 2nd anniversary.

BullionSupermarket originally began comparing prices for bullion products on Ebay, but now compares metal from a variety of other sources including Amazon and a number of specialist bullion dealers.

Over the last 2 years, those holding Gold have enjoyed a impressive run, a user who bought 1 ounce of Gold on the day the started would have seen a 82% rise in Dollar terms, 70% in Pounds and 74% rise in Euros.

Similarly over the same period, those holding Silver have enjoyed a even more impressive run. A user who bought 1 ounce of Silver on the day the the service started would have seen a 204% rise in Dollar terms, 186% in Pounds and 191% rise in Euros.

With Sovereign debt crisis still in full swing, QEII in progress, QEIII being mooted by Bernake, massive buying of precious metals by emerging nations, the supporting factors for precious metal prices looking forward would appear to be as strong as ever.

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