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17 December 2010

AU Trading LLC lists Gold on

London Based AU Trading joins price comparison serivce

London Based AU Trading has joined the price comparison service. AU Trading Gold bullion products will appear on United Kingdom pages of from the 17th of December.

AU Trading is a bullion trading company committed to offering low premiums on Gold bullion coins and bars with some of the tightest buy/sell spread available from a bullion dealer.

Offering branded Gold bars, as well as full troy ounce and fractional Gold Eagles, Gold Maples, Gold Kangaroos, Gold Philharmonics, and other gold bullion coins, AU Trading offers free postage for clients purchasing gold bullion and will also pay for the postage of customers selling Gold to AU Trading.

AU Trading can also offer wholesale gold quantities of 2.5g, 5g and 10g PAMP branded gold bars to retail Gold buyers.

Offering Gold at a significantly lower premium to UK online auctions, AU trading metal will provide UK users with a wide range of gold bullion products at competitive premiums.

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