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29 December 2010

Gold hits new records in Euros and Pounds overnight, Bullion touches a 3 week high in Dollars at $1,408.10

Gold finishes its Christmas break early as new records are set in Euros and Pounds. Silver breaks through the $30 mark once again.

Gold finished its Christmas break early on Tuesday night as it added further gains to the impressive performance shown in 2010. The yellow metal set a 3 week high in dollar terms at 1,408.10. Gold also set new nominal highs in Sterling and Euros.

Silver also put on a spurt reaching $30.30 per troy ounce by mid morning in London.

Physical premiums in the auction markets remained robust, squeezed higher by constrained supply and strong demand. Asking premiums on 1 Ounce Gold Bars in the United States stood at an average of 19%

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