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11 January 2011

Gold and Silver Price Comparisons Fall as premiums remain strong

Casual interest in Gold and Silver declines while the faithful continue to load up on bullion.

The recent dip in bullion prices has seen overall interest in gold and silver price comparisons fall at, whilst gold and silver buying from a smaller core of users has remained robust in the face of lower bullion price levels.

BullionSupermarket founder, Jon Hunt was quoted as saying "the traditional January lull in precious metal comparison activity on our site has been well supported by a stronger than usual amount of activity by core buying at lower price levels

This would appear to indicate significant appetite for precious metal coins and bars at lower prices. Gold and Silver Premiums appear to be remaining strong, also potentially indicating robust demand.

Premiums continued a very shallow decline on fixed price 1 oz Gold Bars in the United States asking a 17.84% premium over the Gold Price

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