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07 March 2011

Physical buyers appear to hesitate at record Gold, Silver & PGM prices

Physical buyers risk being left behind as precious metals prices surge to records.

Buyers of physical Gold, Silver and Platinum bullion coins and bars showed signs of hesitation at record prices and strong premiums over the weekend with traffic and transactions slightly down on the previous week.

Gold has overtaken silver over the past month in terms of the number price comparisons served, but completed transactions through the Bullion price comparison system remains very much slewed towards silver in number of transactions completed terms.

The conundrum for the precious metals buyers seems a more common one recently. Do they buy now and risk a pull back in prices? Or wait and risk getting left behind? The approach of cost averaging, where a buyer adds gradually to their portfolio over time, sometimes buying low, sometimes when higher, has the overall effect of smoothing the effects of price volatility.

Premiums on BullionSupermarket 1 ounce Silver bars showed continuing strong demand at around 48%.

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