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26 July 2011 adds Australian Gold and Silver Lunars and US Silver Morgan and Peace Dollars to Price Comparison Service

The web’s premier price comparison service for precious metal coins and bars has added Gold and Silver Australian Lunar bullion coins and antique Silver dollars to its bullion search engine.

Precious metals buyers can now view price and premium information on both the Australian Lunar Gold Coin series minted from 1996 to 2007 and the current series minted since 2008. Both series feature designs drawn from the Chinese Lunar Calendar and are minted by Perth Mint. Silver Lunar Coin series were minted from 1999.

In recognition of their popularity among collectors and investors, has also added Silver Peace dollars and Silver Morgan Dollars to the comparison system.

These antique silver bullion coins provide precious metal buyers with additional, if slightly less conventional, yet very popular way to hold silver bullion. will continue to develop its offering to users over the coming months.

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