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Platinum Maple

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The Platinum Maple Leaf is the Platinum bullion coin of Canada and is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint with a purity of 99.95% pure platinum. They were first introduced in 1988 and were minted for eleven years until 1999, when rising metal prices caused demand to fall. Like the Gold Maple Leaf and Silver Maple Leaf coins, Platinum Maple coins were issued in a variety of sizes (although the 1/15 Ounce coin was only produced in 1994 due to limited popularity). Platinum Maple coins were minted again in 2002 and then revived again in 2009 but only the 1 Ounce coins have been produced since.

As legal tender of Canada, the coins feature a portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse (by famous artist and sculptor Arnold Machin), with inscriptions indicating her name, the face value of the coin ($1, $5, $10, $20 or $50) and the year of minting. The reverse contains the iconic maple leaf from which the coins take their name, designed by Walter Ott renowned engraver and artist at the Mint. It also includes the inscription CANADA, the size of the coin and 9995 FINE PLATINUM and 9995 PLATINE PUR.

Platinum Maple Technical Specifications
Size Face
Value USD
Weight (g)
Platinum Content
1 oz$5031.103g0.9994 Toz30.00mm2.62mm
1/2 oz (1988 - 1999)$2515.5519 g0.49997 Toz25.00 mm1.96 mm
1/4 oz (1988 - 1999)$107.7857 g0.2502 Toz20.00 mm1.5 mm
1/10 oz (1988 - 1999)$53.1203 g0.1003 Toz16.00 mm1.01 mm
1/15 oz (1994 only)$22.0735g0.0666 Toz15.00 mm0.83 mm
1/20 oz (1993 - 1999)$11.55529g0.05 Toz14.00 mm0.79 mm

Fractional Platinum Maple coins are identical in design to the one ounce coin with the exception of the inscription on the obverse and reverse of the coins stating the weight and face value.