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14 January 2012

Kilogram Silver Hunting in Germany

As dearth of good investment Silver blights UK markets, Germany offers Kilo Silver opportunity

While shortages of good sized investment bars has been a problem in the UK electronic auction markets over the last few years, German electronic auction markets are currently showing significant availability in Kilo Silver bars.

British Silver buyers might do well to consider Germany as a hunting ground for cheaper silver bullion as premiums are traditionally lower, and as part of the EU, Silver imports to the UK do not attract any import duty. Import duty is a factor that the author of this article failed to consider early in his Silver buying career when bringing in 10 Troy ounce bars from outside the EU.

BullionSupermarket has seen an increase in Silver buying activity in 2012 since precious markets fell at the end of last year. With Eurozone debt threatening to boil over yet again, and US debt marching ever further upward in the face of low growth, buyers still see plenty of reasons to load up with Silver.

1 Kg Silver Bars in Germany are currently available from around 11% premium

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