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13 February 2012

Silver Bullion Coin and Bar Supply Show Signs of Shortages

BullionSupermarket has reported that the availability of many benchmark Silver Bullion products has declined since the end of 2011 and shows little sign of recovery.

The physical Silver coin and bar supply issues that blighted the secondary markets for the first 3 quarters of 2011 are showing signs of becoming firmly established in the market again. Silver bullion coin and bar volume charts at the precious metal price comparison site have shown consistent declines in supply since the end of last year with precious little sign of relief.

A rally in Silver prices combined with increasing interest in physical Silver over it's more expensive sister metal Gold, has conspired to keep minted Silver bullion products off the Market as traders sit on stocks as prices have appreciated.

Premiums on benchmark 1 Ounce Silver Eagles for ending auctions was averaging 21% on Monday Evening.

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