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Compare 20 g Silver Price and Premium in AUD

Silver Price Per Oz
Silver / OzPriceChg% Chg

20 g Silver prices and premiums.
1 AUD 20 g Prices from A$125.00 to A$125.00

20 g Silver Price Comparison
ItemSilver WeightPricePremium Over Spot
20 gr gram Credit Suisse Silver Bar Bullion pure 999
20 gr gram Credit Suisse Silver Bar Bullion pure 999Silver Bar
0.6430 ounce
20.00 grams
A$ 125.00
or Make Offer
779.62 %
A$ 110.79
eBay AU(sydneyinbloom store) Feedback: 100.00% (1,614) Sale is of store inventory, ending in 13 h 35 m
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